From a small beginning in 2002 the Sai Shyam College of Education is on the verge of a real take off as it strives to make increasing use of information & communication technologies to teach the students the knowledge and skills they need in the 21st century.

Education is the beacon light in the sea of chaos and confusion for a traveler to reach the shore safe and sound.

Our institution Sai Shyam College of Education is in the unending process of providing our society the well-versed teachers who are capable to prepare the student community for becoming valuable citizens of our society.

Our aim is to inculcate socially relevant quality education imbued with social and moral sensibilities in the pupil-teacher to ensure imbibitions of egalitarian, ecological, civil & pluralistic ethos of life, apart from integrity of character , as an integral component of teaching during their stay in the college.

Moreover, our objective is to provide the best possible professional preparation to the future teachers, so as to keep pace with continuing evolution of pedagogical theory and practice and thus raise their competence and character.

I am glad that the college has started implementing of its technology plan, which among other steps shall focus on the use of it. All the essential information about the college shall be available on the website.

I hope the college shall strive to prepare professionally competent teachers to perform their roles effectively, as per the needs of the society.

C . L . Tickoo