Practice of teaching is a very vital component of teacher training programme. It involves teaching practice under simulated and actual classroom conditions by teacher trainees with a proper feedback in order to chisel their teaching capabilities.

The college follows the RCEM approach of planning which is a new and modern technique of lesson planning.

The minimum number of working days for the session will be180. The academic work at the college will begin with orientation programme which will last for three days. The orientation programme is intended to orient the pupil-teachers with the significance and importance of various compulsory papers, optional paper and the teaching subjects. Students must be regular in attending classes teaching practices, internship, workshop, tutorials, extension lectures etc. so as to become eligible for appearing in the final B. Ed. Examination conducted by university of Jammu with which the college stands affiliated.

Uniform shall be mandatory and the students will have to wear the uniform thrice a week, as is prescribed by the college.

  • All the students are requested to attend the college regularly. As per the statutes of the University of Jammu each student is required to have at least 75% attendance in the college during the session and in case a student fails to attend for the required number of days, he/she is not eligible to appear in to University examination. Apart from having at least 75% attendance in the theory, each student is required to complete all components of practice of teaching as envisaged in the Jammu University B. Ed. Syllabus.
  • The two internal assessment tests will be held in each paper on the dates separately as notified by the Principal. Internal assessment tests in each paper are compulsory. If a student fails to appear in the internal tests, no marks will be assigned to him/ her as a result of whom he/she cannot sit in the final examination.
  • The written assignment will be given immediately after the beginning of regular class work and the students have to submit the said assignment on the date notified in the calendar.

The college will organize a workshop on preparation of teaching aid for one week, where the pupil teachers will be trained to make varied types of teaching aids on their respective teaching subjects at the nominal cost. This will enable the students to use their creative abilities in designing these aids and thereafter utilizing these aids as per the requirement also provides during Practice of teaching. The college also provides the basic material to the students for preparing teaching aids. This is followed by an exhibition of teaching aids prepared in the workshop. The teaching aids prepared by each student shall be evaluated by a team.

Before the pupil teachers are sent for practice of teaching they are acquainted with the:

  1. Phases of teaching.
  2. Skills of teaching.
  3. Planning of lessons.
  4. Strategies of teaching.
  5. The possible Psychological and Behavioral impediments that come in the way of smooth classroom teaching.

The competent teachers demonstrate various methods and techniques of teaching in a series of demonstration lessons to prepare each teacher trainee for actual classroom teaching. In this connection the concerned teachers hold micro teaching lessons under simulated conditions. The expert teacher delivers lesson in each teaching subject & the trainees are thoroughly prepared in the art of skills of teaching.

  1. All students shall comply with the college rules & regulations.
  2. The general control of the college is vested with the Principal.
  3. During the training period in the college the students are expected to evince a high sense of discipline and good moral behavior.
  4. Students are not permitted to take part in any political activity or indulge in any activity, which may go against the Interest of the Institution.
  5. No student of the college shall accept or retain full time or part-time Job during the period of his/her training in the Institution.
  6. No student of the college shall appear in any other examination of any University as long as he/she is under going B.Ed Training.
  7. No leave other than those on medical ground shall be granted during the course.
  8. For being eligible to sit in the University examination, a minimum of 75% attendance and tutorials is required in each paper.
  9. Attendance at tutorials, group meeting, seminars, extension lectures, workshop and demonstration lessons are compulsory and absence will entail disciplinary action under rules.
  10. A student remaining on unauthorized absence shall be struck off the rolls.
  11. Violation of college rules will mean expulsion from the college.
  12. Students shall come to pay for all damages caused to books and other college property by them.
  13. Students are expected to obey the instructions which will be notified from time to time. The Principal can fine a student; suspend him/her and the Principal is the final authority in all such cases.