The college posses a well equipped Audio-visual aid laboratory consisting of large collection of maps, charts, outline maps, globes, models and geometrical sets.

The laboratory has modern, gadgets namely radio, tape recorder, over head projector, educational films, colour TV set and VCD player. The trainees are taught to use and operate these aids to supplement the teaching in the classroom.


The college imparts education through state of the art SMART CLASSES

The college has a science laboratory well equipped with apparatus like compound microscope, dissecting microscope, Ammeter, different tubes and funnels, various chemicals and like apparatus of use.

The college has a well equipped computer laboratory (having Internet facility) to facilitate computer instruction to the students.

The college has set up language laboratory for adequate development of language.

The College has well equipped psychological laboratory enriched with latest Psychological tests.

The college organizes and conducts Debates, symposia quiz, competition, cultural programme, group discussions and sports activities from time to time.

Extension lectures by eminent educationists on various important topics are arranged to widen the horizon of thinking of the pupils vis-a-vis education and to provide them chance to interact with these experts.

There is provision for various outdoor and indoor games. Each student is required to participate in at least two games during the session. The following games facilities are provided by the college.

  1. Cricket
  2. Volley ball
  3. Badminton
  4. Chess
  5. Table tennis
  6. Carom
  7. Ring
  8. Frisby (flying Disc)

Access to Library : - The college possesses a very well equipped library an adequate number of books which are easily accessible to all the teacher trainees/users of the college. For this purpose the pupil teachers of the college are issued a Library card. Books can be borrowed from the library against this card only.

Duration of retaining a book : - A student can retain a book for a maximum period of 7 days. For a delayed return a fine of Re 1 per day per book will be charged.

Damage or loss of a book : - For book, which are lost or damaged by the students, double the cost shall have to be paid. If a volume of a set of books is lost the cost of entire set shall have to be paid.

Other relevant Information :

  1. The Library services shall be available during the college hours on all working days. Any deviation in the schedule shall be notified separately from time to time.
  2. The library has an open shelf system. Students can ask for the books they require indicating the title and the author of the book or they can make a choice of their own.
  3. Reference books and other reference material is consulted by the pupil teachers within the library while other books, a maximum of two at a time, are issued for a maximum of 7 days.
  4. The library also subscribes to a large number of periodicals, magazines, and Newspapers.

In order to foster the creative and descriptive expressional impulses of young scholars, the college in the last three years, Issued Vol-1, VoI-1I & Vol -111 of the college Magazine “PRAGAASH”. The students were encouraged to contribute in the shape of articles, in different languages viz. English, Hindi. Punjabi & Urdu. Through this magazine the students in future will also be provided opportunity to express themselves.

The college provides the hostel facility for girls within the Campus.

  1. Admission to Hostel: - The hostel facility will be provided on first come first serve basis. For this purpose the desirous girl students have to fill up the prescribed form and complete all the formalities there of.
  2. Mess: - Keeping in view the varied tastes/needs of the students coming from different quarters, adequate mess facilities are made available in the hostel. The menu is decided by the hostel committee of the students and approved by the proper authority.
  3. Hostel Management: - The hostel is under the charge of a caretaker. Besides this the hosteliers also elect their prefect and the mess committee.
  4. Facing Winter: - In view of the cold climate prevailing for two to three months during the session, the students are advised to bring woolen clothes bedding and hot water bottles.
  5. Hostel Rules :-
    1. Students desirous of seeking hostel admission have to deposit hostel dues as per the Jammu University rules.
    2. The room once allotted by the hostel authority cannot be changed.
    3. Every hostelier is required to join mess.
    4. Guests/visitors authorized by patents and permitted by the Principal may meet the students on Saturdays and Sundays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the hostel.
    5. Hostellers are not allowed to go outside the hostel without prior permission. Shopping, picnics are arranged under escort.
    6. Night stay outside the hostel is not permitted.
    7. Use of stoves and electric appliances, iron or immersion rods are not allowed inside the room .
    8. No student is allowed into the kitchen except when the caretaker accompanies the mess committee for the inspection of the kitchen.
    9. Hosteller will ensure that hostel is kept clean and no dirt or rubbish is scattered.
    10. Proper maintenance of hostel furniture etc. is the responsibility of every hosteller. Any damage or breakage will have to be made good.
    11. The hostel attendants should not be allowed to enter into the rooms or encouraged to indulge in gossiping.
    12. No valuable Jewelry or excess of cash should be brought to the hostel. Excess of cash, if any, should be deposited with the Warden/principal.
    13. Hostellers are responsible for the safe custody of their cash, books or any valuables. They should keep these under lock when they are not in the hostel.
    14. A hosteller indulging in anti social activities or violating the rules of and regulations is liable for expulsion from the hostel.
    15. Hosteller should contact the hostel caretaker in case of any problem emergency.
    16. Hosteller should receive medical care from doctor on call.
    17. The hostel will be open for inspection by the managing Board/Principal/Representative of University of Jammu without prior notice.